Why Women Read Fiction and Men Don’t: Debra Adelaide, Anna Funder, Kerryn Goldsworthy and Dr Anita Heiss

FWF18 Sydney: Why Women Read Fiction and Men Don’t with Debra Adelaide, Anna Funder, Anita Heiss and chair, Kerryn Goldsworthy

It’s a universally acknowledged truth that women read more fiction than men… but why? For women who experience the majority of the emotional and mental load of managing families, homes and relationships, the novel seems poised as an ideal form to explore this terrain – the power wielded within it, its pitfalls, price, and pleasures. The novel can be a tool for resistance, a solace, and an art. So what does the imbalance in what gets published actually mean? How does it affect what is considered ‘worthwhile reading’? And what are the poor blokes missing out on?

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