Lismore 2017 Tracey Spicer: Giving Up the Good Girl

Tracey Spicer was always the good girl. Inspired by Jana Wendt, this bogan from the Brisbane backwaters waded through the ‘cruel and shallow money trench’ of television to land a dream role: national news anchor for a major network.

But the journalist found that, for women, TV was less about news and more about helmet hair, masses of makeup and fatuous fashion, in an era when bosses told you to ‘stick your tits out’, ‘lose two inches off your arse’, and ‘quit before you’re too long in the tooth’.

Still, Tracey plastered on a smile and did what she was told. But when she was sacked by email after having a baby, this good girl turned ‘bad’, taking legal action against the network for pregnancy discrimination.

Tracey will be in conversation with co-founder of the Feminist Writers Festival, Dr Cristy Clark, discussing her new book The Good Girl Stripped Bare. This is Tracey Spicer full frontal: expect entertaining, warm, witty and possibly shocking afternoon!

Lismore, NSW, Sunday 4 June

Presenting partners: NORPA, Southern Cross University

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