Brisbane 2017 Giving Up the Good Girl

With 2017 the unofficial Year of the Nasty Woman, join us to discuss how expectations for women are changing, how we are challenging and rejecting gender roles, and learning to give up being so damn nice. Hear from three amazing creative women from different fields, about how they and their work have been politicised and criticised – but also applauded.

Featuring Michelle Law (Single Asian Female), Rebecca Starford (Bad Behaviour) and Krissy Kneen (An Uncertain Grace).

Avid Reader bookshop, Brisbane

Wednesday 19 April 2017

Michelle Law is a writer working across fiction, non-fiction, screen and stage. She has written for SMH, Daily Life, Frankie and Griffith Review. In 2016, she won the Queensland Premier’s Award for Young Publishers and Writers. This year, Single Asian Female, her debut stage play, was performed at La Boite Theatre Company to rave reviews.

Rebecca Starford is the publishing director of Kill Your Darlings. She is also a freelance editor and the author of Bad Behaviour: A Memoir of Bullying and Boarding School.

Krissy Kneen is the author of four novels, a memoir, Affection, and an award-winning poetry collection. Her latest book is An Uncertain Grace, a novel in five parts, touching on science and eros. She has written and directed broadcast documentaries for SBS and ABC television, and is a stalwart of the Queensland literary scene.

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