Geelong 2019: The New (Female) Disruptors

Saturday 22 June, 4-5.30pm, Geelong

As the digital revolution continues to unleash radical change on industries, economies, politics and institutions, what future will this disruption shape? Is the brave new world one of decentralisation, anti-elitism and individual freedom – or surveillance, monopoly and control? And what does it mean in particular for women?

Yassmin Abdel Magied, Eileen Ormsby and Jenny Sinclair discuss the current era of disruption and what it signals for the future of feminism, in conversation with Antonia Pont.

Presented in partnership with Geelong Regional Libraries, Deakin University School of Gender and Sexuality Studies, and GriffithReview for the launch of Edition 64 – The New Disruptors.

About the panellists

Yassmin Abdel-Magied is a Sudanese born mechanical engineer, author, broadcaster, social advocate and digital influencer. Yassmin founded her first organisation, Youth Without Borders, at the age of 16, published her debut memoir, Yassmin’s Story, with Penguin Random House at age 24, and followed up with her first fiction book for younger readers, You Must Be Layla, in 2019. Her TED talk, ‘What does my headscarf mean to you’, has been viewed over two million times and was chosen as one of TED’s top ten ideas of 2015.

Eileen Ormsby is a lawyer, author and freelance journalist based in Melbourne. Her first book, Silk Road was the world’s first in-depth expose of the black markets that operate on the dark web. In her latest book, The Darkest Web, Eileen’s gonzo-style investigations led her deep into the secretive corners of the dark web where drugs and weapons dealers, hackers, hitmen and worse ply their trade. She now lives a quiet life, getting off-grid as much as possible.

Jenny Sinclair is a Melbourne writer of non-fiction and fiction. Her books are Much Ado About Melbourne and A Walking Shadow. She is a former journalist at The Age, where she specialised in technology reporting, and has published in GriffithReview, Best Australian Stories, Verandah, Meanjin, Island and The Big issue. She has led walks around Melbourne for MWF and loves to talk about books, culture and politics. Jenny is currently completing a PhD investigating Australian historical fiction at the University of Melbourne.

Antonia Pont is Senior Lecturer in Writing and Literature at Deakin University, the founder of Vijnana Yoga Australia, and columnist for The Lifted Brow. She publishes poetry, essays, scholarly works and fictions. She supervises doctoral candidates across the creative arts, writing and literary studies, and is co-editor of the postrgraduate journal c i n d e r. Her recent essay ‘Pont vs Envy’ is out now, in Issue 42 of The Lifted Brow.

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