FWF2020 Our Culture of Violence: Nicole Lee, Dr Kyllie Cripps, Kristine Ziwica

We’re not vulnerable by virtue of disability, we’re vulnerable because the system makes us vulnerable. All we want is to be seen and treated like independent individuals in our own right. –Nicole Lee

Australia is experiencing violence against women at diabolical levels, despite higher than ever levels of community awareness and action. In this talk, the panel questioned where money and resources are going, discussed how to keep up momentum in the face of backlash and apathy, and highlighted initiatives to curb the family violence crisis.

…the cultural framing of a ‘culture of violence’ fails to appreciate the specificity of Indigenous women’s experiences… –Kyllie Cripps

 CW: This podcast deals with themes of sexual violence.

For a transcript of this podcast, go to the transcript page.

Presented with the support of Creative Victoria.

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