FWF2020 Intersections of Law — Recommended Reading

Sally’s Story is her story of self-discovery, as she navigates the gender path on the way to her 45th birthday.

Book recommendations
The Highly Sensitive Person, Elaine Aron, Penguin 
Quiet!, Susan Cain, Penguin 
Introvert Advantage, Marti Olsen Laney, Workman Publication

And read our FWF2020 Q&A with Sally.

Book recommendations

Eggshell Skull, Bri Lee, Allen & Unwin 
See What You Made Me Do: Power, Control and Domestic Abuse, Jess Hill, Black Inc
Are Prisons Obsolete Angela Y. Davis, Penguin 

Online recommendations
Beyond Prisons — podcast on prison abolition that elevates the voices of people directly impacted by the system.
Birds Eye view — podcast made with women in the Darwin Correctional Centre

And read our FWF2020 Q&A with Fernanda.

Book recommendations
Prison by Any Other Name, Maya Schenwar & Victoria Law, The New Press
Talkin’ Up to the White Woman: Indigenous Women and Feminism, Aileen Moreton-Robinson, UQP
Automating Inequality, Virginia Eubanks, Macmillan

Online recommendations
Without accountability, there is no justice for my mother’s death in Australian police custody– Article on death’s of Aboriginal people in police custody.
A world without prisons — Podcast with Ruth Wilson Gilmore on pandemic, up-rising and current issues.
Tr​ansdemic —Trans experiences of the global pandemic.

Some links and resources from the session, 14 Nov 2020:
Lucille Kerr report, TRANScending discrimination in health & cancer care: A study of trans & gender diverse Australians
The Roberta Perkins Law Project, a free legal service for trans and gender diverse people in Victoria 
The Building of Bourke: the first major justice reinvestment project 
TGV ID Change Support Fund, https://tgv.org.au/id-change-support-fund
PACER (Police, Ambulance and Clinician Early Response) program: https://esa.act.gov.au/pacer-program-making-difference-our-community

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