FWF2020 Feminism For All: Jax Jacki Brown, Raelee Lancaster, Zoya Patel

I felt like elements of the feminism my friends were discussing were also very apparent in Indigenous women too; I think it just a lot more subtle… and I don’t think that we label it as feminism because it’s just how we are. We grow strong women because we’ve had to survive for so long. —Raelee Lancaster

If it’s going to the right uni, attending the right events or buying the right books, feminism can be outside the means of many. Although feminism is a mass movement, it’s not always immune from cultural capital and exclusion. Three writers talk us through how we can break down barriers to create a more accessible feminism.

It was definitely a long time where I was able to start to find people and work that actually enabled me to speak to those different parts of myself and politicise all of those parts of myself together and not privilege one and definitely have an understanding of feminism as intersectional. —Jax Jacki Brown

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