FWF2020 Being Feminist, Staying Bold: Anna Spargo-Ryan, Laura La Rosa, Wendy Mocke

‘I have to try to make my own voice louder and more compassionate than theirs. For every cruel derision hiding behind a stock image, there is a person making a difference in their community. And we are stronger together.‘ –Anna Spargo-Ryan

Activism can come at a cost. How do we stay strong, take care of our mental and physical health, and keep the trolls at bay? How do we guard the intersections of our beliefs, but remain open? What are the ways of getting involved, especially with so many barriers to access? This panel discuss modes of self and community care, avoiding burnout and creating sustainable forms of activism.

‘If white women are genuinely dedicated to dismantling patriarchal structures; if they’re inclined to ask men to ‘stop taking up space’, will they shuffle over too? If white women are genuinely dedicated to dismantling patriarchal structures… will they shuffle over too?’ – Laura La Rosa

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Presented with the support of Creative Victoria.

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