FWF was founded with a commitment to elevate feminist voices, especially those often silenced or deprioritised.

FWF connects people to enhance the capacity for cultural change. It brings storytelling, academia, activism and policy together and provides nurturing spaces to evolve feminist conversation in a collaborative environment.

FWF needs your support to ensure Australian feminists can continue to access these valuable conversations and opportunities. Your donations ensure the talented and dedicated writers and artists delivering workshops, programs, and sharing their writing with the FWF community and beyond, can be appropriately paid. With your support, we want to expand our reach and facilitate greater participation in feminist writing, thinking and conversation.

“It forges connections across perspectives and across generations, as well as providing a physical and digital hub.” – Veronica Sullivan, FOUNDING FWF MEMBER

By supporting FWF, you are contributing to an investment in feminist conversations and progress in Australia. Your generosity also helps us to become a sustainable and ongoing champion of feminist contributions in our literary and cultural future.

We are a registered not-for-profit charitable organisation and all donations over $2 are tax-deductible.

To discuss other giving opportunities, email development@feministwritersfestival.com if you would like to support or contribute to FWF in other ways, please contact us at contact@feministwritersfestival.com.

Read our FWF Donor Information (PDF) to find out more about the impact of support.