Writing (Re)Productively: Gabrielle Blair, Mehreen Faruqi, Angela Williamson and Ann Brassil

FWF18: Writing (Re)Productively with Gabrielle Blair, Mehreen Faruqi, Angela Williamson and chair, Ann Brassil.

Feminism has key concerns around equality, violence and bodily autonomy, and there’s one area where those three concerns collide: our reproductive rights.

Hear from three fearless women working at the frontline: Dr Mehreen Faruqi MP, who’s working tirelessly at a state and federal level for abortion law reform; Angela Williamson who lost her job because of public comments about the need for abortion access; and Gabrielle Blair, a Mormon whose tweets about male responsibility for unwanted pregnancies went viral.

Listen to the podcast on the Writes4Festivals website.

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