The Feminist Writers Festival (FWF) was established in 2016 to support and promote feminist writers in Australia by hosting a biennial feminist writers festival and a range of one-off events throughout Australia. FWF builds on existing themes and voices around feminism and women’s writing by offering a space for critical engagement and practical support for all feminist writers and readers.

There are limited spaces in Australia where stories told by and about women are discussed. FWF plays a critical role in creating debate and discussion about important issues in the women’s space, giving a voice to women writers and new opportunities for women audiences.
Jamila Rizvi, writer

FWF attracts some of the most engaged audiences in the country, and the discussions are wide-ranging and inspiring.
 Jennifer Mills, writer

FWF left me feeling recharged and inspired. Siv Parker, writer

It was a very supportive environment where women and a few male feminist supporters could discuss gender and identity in a safe space.
Krissy Kneen, writer

A wonderful festival that is more than a celebration of feminist writers, but an inspiring sisterhood of like-minded people determined to make the world better.  Santilla Chingaipe

I can attest to FWF’s unique focus, and the high standard of presentations and discussions. – Angela Savage, Writers Victoria

FWF2018 exceeded my expectations and provided such thought provoking conversation long after the panel ended. Tasneem Chopra