2018 – FWF in the news

Pitch me: advice from editors – Kate Hennessy, thesmallestroom.com.au (7 November 2018)

Personal narratives take centre stage and the Feminist Writers Festival Sydney – Naomi Gall, The AU Review.com (7 November 2018)

The Writers – Melanie Tait, Nightlife (2 November 2018)

How a Mormon mom of six went viral blaming unwanted pregnancies on men – Wendy Tuohy, Daily Life (31 October 2018)

Yes yes yes: Shirleene Robinson – 2SER (1 November 2018)

Ruby Hamad talks Sydney’s Feminist Writers Festival – 2SER (31 October 2018)

Why women read more fiction than men (OK, not all men!) – Kerryn Goldsworthy, SMH (26 October 2018)

Anne Summers on taking centre stage – Richard Fidler, Conversations, (26 October 2018)

The Feminist Writers Festival Is Coming to Sydney for the First Time – Miriam Kauppi, Broadsheet (22 October 2018)

Amani Haydar on finding her voice after her mother’s murder – Georgina Dent, Women’s Agenda (19 October 2018)

Angela Williamson will speak at writers’ festival in Sydney – Sue Bailey, Examiner (9 October 2019)

Interview: Festival Director Nikki Anderson talks ahead of the Feminist Writers Festival in Sydney – Naomi Gall, The AU Review.com (17 October 2018)

Feminist Writers Festival – Marissa Ciampi, Concrete Playground (27 September 2018)

Feminist Writers Festival Announces First 2018 Program – Louise Baxter, Broadsheet (27 March 2018)

Meet the Women Behind the 2018 Feminist Writers Festival – Desiree De Bruin, Dscribe (3

Feminist Writers Festival expands to two festivals in 2018 – Queensland Writers Centre (5 February 2018)

FWF expands to two festivals in 2018 – Books + Publishing (5 February 2018)

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Liz Allen is a demographer and social researcher and author of The Future of Us: Democracy gets a makeover What does feminism mean to you? Growing up I felt invisible. The world didn’t see me – I was poor and a girl – and it hurt. With invisibility comes a silence,...

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A Journal of Solitude: Living Alone During COVID-19

A Journal of Solitude: Living Alone During COVID-19

By Vanessa Giron When I first read The Waves by Virginia Woolf, I found myself clinging to one idyllic moment: 'How much better is silence; the coffee cup, the table. How much better to sit by myself like the solitary sea-bird that opens its wings on...

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FWF Q&A: Miranda Tapsell

FWF Q&A: Miranda Tapsell

Miranda Tapsell is the author of Top End Girl. What does feminism mean to you? Feminism should be about thinking outside of yourself and your needs. It is about prioritising the voices of women who have second or third glass ceilings to break as well. Was there a...

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