2018 – FWF in the news

Pitch me: advice from editors – Kate Hennessy, thesmallestroom.com.au (7 November 2018)

Personal narratives take centre stage and the Feminist Writers Festival Sydney – Naomi Gall, The AU Review.com (7 November 2018)

The Writers – Melanie Tait, Nightlife (2 November 2018)

How a Mormon mom of six went viral blaming unwanted pregnancies on men – Wendy Tuohy, Daily Life (31 October 2018)

Yes yes yes: Shirleene Robinson – 2SER (1 November 2018)

Ruby Hamad talks Sydney’s Feminist Writers Festival – 2SER (31 October 2018)

Why women read more fiction than men (OK, not all men!) – Kerryn Goldsworthy, SMH (26 October 2018)

Anne Summers on taking centre stage – Richard Fidler, Conversations, (26 October 2018)

The Feminist Writers Festival Is Coming to Sydney for the First Time – Miriam Kauppi, Broadsheet (22 October 2018)

Amani Haydar on finding her voice after her mother’s murder – Georgina Dent, Women’s Agenda (19 October 2018)

Angela Williamson will speak at writers’ festival in Sydney – Sue Bailey, Examiner (9 October 2019)

Interview: Festival Director Nikki Anderson talks ahead of the Feminist Writers Festival in Sydney – Naomi Gall, The AU Review.com (17 October 2018)

Feminist Writers Festival – Marissa Ciampi, Concrete Playground (27 September 2018)

Feminist Writers Festival Announces First 2018 Program – Louise Baxter, Broadsheet (27 March 2018)

Meet the Women Behind the 2018 Feminist Writers Festival – Desiree De Bruin, Dscribe (3

Feminist Writers Festival expands to two festivals in 2018 – Queensland Writers Centre (5 February 2018)

FWF expands to two festivals in 2018 – Books + Publishing (5 February 2018)

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