Best Feminist Books of 2016 – according to us!


It’s been a huge year of wonderful books by women, so here are a few of our favourite feminist reads from 2016 to add to your summer reading pile, as recommended by Feminist Writers Festival artists and the FWF team!


Maxine Beneba Clarke

Sally Morgan’s young adult fiction book Sister Heart and Alison Whittaker’s stunning poetry book Lemons in The Chicken Wire both latched onto my heart this year and wouldn’t let go. Zoë Morrison’s debut fiction book Music and Freedom explores domestic violence and artistic passion with extraordinary sensitivity. Kate Tempest’s The Bricks That Built The Houses is in my view a book that has no comparison. Tempest’s words, in long-form prose, sing and weep and roar off the page in much the same way her spoken word reaches the ear, which is an incredible feat indeed.

Maxine Beneba Clarke is a member of the FWF steering committee and the author of The Hate Race and Carrying the World.