FWF Round-up: October 2016

Recommended Reading

Australia could learn a lot if it actually listened to Indigenous women on domestic violence – Progressive Aboriginal feminists have made persistent efforts to bring domestic violence issues to the attention of the Australian public. The failure of Warren Mundine, and many others, to listen to them reflects deep sexism and racism, writes Celeste Liddle.

The times are not a-changin’? – However you feel about Bob Dylan’s Nobel win, it’s difficult to ignore the gender issue. Jenna Price points out that just 5% of all Nobel Prize winners have been women, and Natalie Kon-yu argues that the decision to honour a white, established male over many accomplished females is anything but revolutionary. This graph of gender ratios across Nobel Prize categories exposes startling male bias.

The malice and sexism behind the ‘unmasking’ of Elena Ferrante – If you’re girlcotting the ‘outing’ of Ferrante, read no further. Jeanette Winterson explores the misogynistic sentiment at the heart of Claudio Gatti’s exposition, and this fantastic piece from Lili Loofbourow looks at the concept of ‘naming’ and its importance in the way we receive and interpret works of art.