Month: August 2016

FWF Round-up: Friday 19 August 2016

‘We wanted to be really clear that we actually don’t have any interest in “Feminism 101”, that we didn’t want to squander this fairly finite amount of time and opportunity by going over the basics and to be introducing the...

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FWF Round-up: Friday 12 August 2016

‘Most Australians are still living in a cocoon of historical ignorance.’ FWF artist Liz Conor speaks to Feminartsy about activism, colonial narratives of Indigenous Australian women, and why she’s looking...

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FWF Round-up: Friday 5 August 2016

‘Taking the songs from the vault of their minds to an archive radically changes tradition. Yet they recognise it is crucial to do so, as the knowledge may well be lost if they don’t. These women are our professors, and...

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