Friends of FWF - v2

To enable us to program a diverse range of feminist speakers for our first Networking Day, we put out a call on social media to see if people would be willing to support us by becoming Friends of the Festival and donating $35 or more.

Within days we had almost reached out quota of 100 and we raised over $4000 – with so many people donating more than we requested. We cannot thank these generous souls enough and wanted to acknowledge them on our site (with permission):

Alice Grundy, Angela Savage, Billie Brown, C McGrane, CB Mako, Celine, Christina Houen, Christine Bolt, Clare Corbould, Claire Varley, Craig Hildebrand-Burke, Daniela Duspara, Deirdre Fidge, Elisabeth Hanscombe, Elizabeth Davie, Emily Briggs, Emma Frederick, Enza Gandolfo, Fiona Wright, Gemma Garratt, Hannah Robert, Helen Mahar, Imogen Ebsworth, Isobel Blackthorn, Jennie Fraine, Jessica Alice, Jess Knight, Jessica Walton, Jessica West, Kate Cuthbert, Katrina (Kat) Dowton, Kelly Gardiner, Kerrii Cavanagh, Kit Richards, Kris Natalier, Kylie Boucher, Lex Hirst, Liz Pentland, Louise Pine, Louise Taylor, Maria Katsonis, Megan Quinlan, Mel Vogele, Melissa O’Donovan, Mia Northrop, Monika Dryburgh, Mowie Cat, Naomi Parry, Narelle Lancaster, Natalie Kon-yu, Pat Allan, Shu-Ling Chua, Stella Topaz, Steph D’Souza, Zoe Bowman.

And a big thank you to our volunteers:

Isobel Blackthorn, Kerrii Cavanagh, Kassandra Drummond, Rose Dupleix, El Gibbs, Sarah Giles, Emma Hardy, Laura Hughes, Stefanie Italia, Julie Maclean, Caitlin McGrane, Sabina McKenna, Clare O’Shannessy, Helen Papadimitriou, Nadja Poljo, Jennifer Purcell, Alice Richardson, Liz Robinson-Griffith, Natasha Saltmarsh, Angela Savage, Mikaila Hanman Siegersma, Emma Silver, Billie Tumarkin, Rebecca Waddell, Tegan Webb.